Easy Design Tools That Even Photoshop Nubes Can Master


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So much of a user's social media experience is based on visuals and aesthetics. We double-tap on photos we love and stop scrolling to admire good design. Eye-catching graphics will rise to the top which means good design is important.

Photoshop can be cumbersome to the small business graphics creator. Adobe Creative Cloud has made it affordable now (you can download it for $9.99/month) but self-teaching can still require hours of YouTube tutorials.

PRO TIP: You don't have to use Photoshop to look professional.

Three graphics apps I love right now include -

  1. Adobe Post - keeping it in the (Adobe) family - this easy to use app has stock photos, built in fonts, and a wide array of color schemes. Add text to your own graphic or use one of the stock photos!
  2. Word Swag - Need a simple stock background with text? Want to add your logo in the bottom corner? This app is for you.
  3. Canva - This tool is loaded with templates that can make your job a breeze, I love this one!

Are you photoshopping your graphics or rocking a graphics app?

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